Web-based Help Browser for Unix-like Systems
Copyright © 2004 Konstantin Korikov
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For using WeHelpBUS you need a Web server, that supports CGI (for example Apache or Lighttpd). You can also use the Lynx text-based Web browser, that enables you to run CGI scripts without an Web server. You need also the Perl programming language installed. To build the scripts you need the M4 macro processor.

WeHelpBUS also uses various programs for retrieving an information and/or converting it to HTML format. To enable support for man pages browsing, you need man and man2html commands. To enable support for Texinfo pages browsing, you need info command from the texinfo package. To enable support for Scrollkeeper documents browsing, you need scrollkeeper package installed, XSLT processor xsltproc from libxslt package, and tool for converting XML files to various formats xmlto. To enable support for RPM packages browsing, you need rpm command. To enable support for C/C++ header files browsing, you need code2html program.

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